The information included below is for informational purposes only.  These topics will be discussed with clients during the initial meeting and any questions they have will be answered.

Referral Process

You can make a referral directly by sending an email to Referrals from your medical practitioner or another professional are also welcomed.  All calls and appointments are kept confidential.

Consent to Services

Each client, or designated individual (e.g., parent/guardian), will be asked to sign an agreement regarding the consent for psychological services. This document outlines process, procedures and requirements for service provision.

Assessment services – There is an additional agreement for those clients seeking assessment services (child/adolescent and adult).


Counselling and assessment sessions are confidential in nature.  There are limits to confidentiality in the case risk of suicide, child abuse, potential harm to others, age or if subpoenaed by a court.  The confidentiality, and limits of it, will be discussed with each client and involved party.