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There will be forms, questionnaires and rating scales provided in paper and online formats.  Online forms are returned automatically to my office when complete.  Please return any printed forms to my office. You may bring them with you at your next appointment. School personnel may choose to mail or fax completed physical forms to my office. Please also bring copies of report cards and reports from any other professionals who may be involved (past and/or present).

An interview will be conducted with each client. In the case of children, this interview will be with the parents of the student only. (1.5 hours)

Testing with the individual will be completed during two or three sessions (~6 hours). The exact scheduling of the sessions will vary. Any additional testing will be negotiated between the psychologist and the client/parent(s). This testing may be necessary to complete tests, or further investigate areas of potential difficulties as identified during the course of the assessment.

Consultation with other professionals involved with him/her (e.g., teacher, counsellor, etc.)  (~0.5 hours)

Scoring and interpretation of the individual’s profile. (1.5 hours)

An appointment will be booked for the presentation and discussion of the outcome of the assessment. During this appointment test results, diagnoses and recommendations will be reviewed. (1 - 1 1/2 hours).  This is usually held with parents/guardians only. An additional session may be scheduled to provide feedback to the student.

A one-hour appointment at the student’s school to review the results of the assessment and to discuss recommendations is strongly recommended. (~1 - 1.5 hours)

A written report will be prepared and forwarded to the parents. (~5 hours)


A standard psychoeducational assessment for children and adolescents ranges from $2500 to $3000 depending on the individual and the requirements of the assessment. If there is additional testing requested or required additional charges may apply, but will be discussed prior to charges.


Clients are permitted to bring a light snack and drink to the testing sessions.

The cancellation policy is 24 hours for all one-hour sessions, and 48 hours for all two-hour sessions.  If you do not cancel within these time frames you will be billed for missed appointments.