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The assessment will include measures of cognitive abilities, academic achievement and an interview to collect information about history of presenting problems, current functioning, and other factors that may be relevant to the presenting characteristics.

Ability tests provide an estimate of an individual’s current skills in thinking and/or problem solving when working with information received from the world around him or her.  Different problems, situations and tasks draw on different kinds of abilities.  Research in the area of cognitive abilities suggests that there are approximately ten groups of skills that contribute to our overall ability to think and solve problems. In the assessment the abilities that are considered to be the most important contributors to an individual’s success are tested. At least two skills which contribute to each broad ability will be assessed. The assessment compares an individual’s results on various activities with other people of the same age and information as to his individual learning style and abilities.  The results are estimates of how he or she would think about and solve problems requiring these skills in his day to day life.

Achievement tests provide an estimate of an individual’s current level of academic achievement and skills including reading, writing, math and oral language. Learning disabilities are diagnosed when an individual possesses average or above overall cognitive abilities, deficits in academic achievement, and demonstrates deficits in one or more processing skills which are related to the demonstrated deficits in the absence of other factors which would explain the difficulties.

A breakdown of the components for the assessment follows:

  • An interview with individual.   This usually takes 30 – 60 minutes continues throughout the testing sessions.
  • Testing with the individual will be completed during one or two sessions depending on the needs to the individual. Testing usually requires 5 to 6 hours.
  • Any additional testing will be negotiated. This testing may be necessary to complete tests, or further investigate areas of potential difficulties as identified during the course of the assessment.
  • A feedback appointment will be booked with the client for the presentation and discussion of the outcome of the assessment. During this appointment test results, diagnoses and recommendations will be reviewed.
  • Consultation with other professionals involved with him/her may be beneficial, with the written consent of the client.  This may include agencies or other professionals involved in assisting the client securing services. Limits of confidentiality will be discussed with the client, particularly in the case of third-party involvement (e.g., payment of fees).
  • A written report will be prepared and provided to the client.


A standard psychoeducational assessment for adults $2000. If there is additional testing requested or required additional charges may apply, but will be discussed prior to charges.


Clients are permitted to bring a light snack and drink to the testing sessions.

The cancellation policy is 24 hours for all one hour sessions, and 48 hours for all two hour sessions.  If you do not cancel within these time frames you will be billed for missed appointments.